While we track and monitor multiple review sites within GENIUS, its important to “summarize” and get a larger picture. Some of our customers have asked for this in the last few weeks and we are happy to make it available now. It is available on the GENIUS dashboard.

How it works?

We aggregate and normalize (since some sites have a rating between 1 and 10 and others from 1 and 5. For all practical purposes, we might have somebody in the future doing categorical rating like Good/Bad/Ugly) all the ratings from across all the reviews sites we monitor and come up with this simple single score. We believe that this gives our customers a complete picture of their customers thoughts.

Is it reliable? Is it statistically significant?

Yes and No. It depends on the total # of reviews that a store has. We also display the total # of reviews (555 in the above screenshot) which will help determine if the bucketing is statistically significant or not. If the total # of review is more than 250, we think it is more or less reliable and the ratings accurately represents real customer sentiments and should be taken seriously. The fact that it is aggregated across various review sites makes it even more convincing that the customers are very representative.

How can I know the ratings summary over time?

We have built an option to review that as well so that restaurants can monitor and improve their rating over time. Here is a screenshot of how to get to the report (“Social Feeds” from the left menu and go to “Reviews Summary” tab) and how it looks.

What more to expect?

We will continue to build on this as we add more review sites to our list and make it truly a good indicator.