Pricing information is available below for the different products.

While there are standard packages, every business is unique. We work with businesses to provide a custom pricing based on the various modules they use. All our packages are charged per location and comes with unlimited number of users.

What do you mean by unlimited users?

When you sign-up, we can create an account for any numbers of users (Restaurant Owner, Manager, Chef etc.) to be able to access the GENIUS dashboard.

Can I move from one package to the other after I sign up?

Yes. You just have to send a mail to

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal, bank transfer or check transfer. For further details, please contact

What happens if I do not wish to renew a paid plan?

We hope you continue to use our products. But if you want to leave, please drop us a mail before your next renewal and we will take care of the cancellation for you.

How secure is my data?

Data security and protection is our number one priority. We have a comprehensive set of practices, technology and policies in place to ensure that your data is secure. You can read more about it here.