Improve Productivity & Communication by quickly recording and sharing logbook notes. At GENIUS, we are all about increasing efficiency and productivity for our customers. And communication plays a very important role towards productivity. That’s we are happy to introduce Logbook.


Know what’s happening even when you’re not around with the Logbook. Here are some quick notes about the feature.

  1. Everybody who has access to the business can add notes. All the notes will be visible to everybody as long as they have access to the business
  2. There is no limit on the number of notes or amount of words, characters in each note. But at this point notes are meant only to be text.
  3. Notes cannot be deleted. They are here to stay. So, please make sure you are only adding what you want everybody to see and there is no getting rid of them.
  4. Email alerts are sent automatically to everyone who has access to the business