Note: All the macroeconomic indicators are for the United States only. We do not have country specific preferences within GENIUS currently and will explore economic indicators for other coutries when we build such a preference in the future. Thanks.

We are operating in a very complex world. The performance of businesses has a dependency on larger macroeconomic factors/ indicators as well. For example – many businesses (especially restaurants) had a very low growth rate performance in the year 2009. That’s bot because, the restaurant that did something wrong, but the economy. As the economy did not do well, consumers confidence to spend money was low and they consumed less and as a result businesses saw dip in sales.



There was a similar trend in Aug 2011 as well. And we do see the Consumer Confidence index dip reflect on the sales for some of the businesses that are on GENIUS.

That’s why we are introducing the below macroeconomic metrics for quick reference for businesses from within GENIUS.

  1. Consumer Confidence Index – Source:
  2. Food Inflation – Cost of food in the United States Data Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  3. Unemployment Rates – Data Source:
  4. Overall Inflation Rate Data Source:

Do let us know if you find them useful and if you would like to see any other specific economic metrics.