• Ability to get Facebook reviews by authenticating GENIUS via oAuth. See How
  • View a snapshot of your daily performance as an email alert. Set it up now
  • Email alerts for events added to calendar
  • GENIUS should now load visibly faster with new, refactored components
  • Misc bug fixes to enhance user experience


  • Introducing custom date range to all relevant reports
  • Changed chart layouts to improve clarity
  • Bug fixes related to user sessions
  • Other minor UI enhancements


  • Introduced customer and employee lifetime value reports. See How
  • Added Restaurant Log feature. See How
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Other minor UI enhancements


  • Introducing Restaurant Inventory
  • Restaurant Inventory stats are now available in GENIUS under the inventory tab.
  • Added Macroeconomic indicators so you don’t break your head over reduced performance for reasons not in your hands. See How
  • Misc. bug fixes


  • Introduced Restaurant Social.
  • Web Analytics is now available in GENIUS dashboard. See How
  • Introducing Tips Analysis. See How
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Added dashboard cards that show important numbers that matter. See How


  • Introducing custom date range to all relevant reports
  • Introduced Prime Cost Reports. See How
  • Misc. Bug fixes